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FOX News
May 14, 2013 12:00am PDT
richard nixon to me. >> richard nixon was white. i have eyes. i can see that. >> you barely have eyes. >> but i can see that. >> let's move on. from irs to omg. their love for dzhokhar is bizarre. thousands of teen girls have taken to social media to pronounce their undieing affection and infection for dzhokhar tsarnaev a huge piece of [bleep] treating him like beeper. for some he is too much of a looker to rig a pressure cooker. one 16-year-old loser tweeted, yes i like justin bieber and i like dzhokhar, but that has nothing to do with why i support him. he is innocent. he is far too beautiful. that's what i have been saying all along. an eight-year-old keep it blunted, let the world's proud parents know getting one of dzhokhar's tweets tattooed 0 me tomorrow. she is a real supporter. if she had guts she would put it on her face. and then izzy perez who instagramed a collage of dzhokhar and said i am going to i can ma shorts that say free jahar on my butt. speaking of fans, andy levy's are quite ardent. >> the department of peace keeping? that was a question and the answer is probabl
FOX News
May 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
a manufacturing -- >> i love how wrangle doesn't want to compare obama to nixon. what obama has done is so much worse than breaking into a hotel. it is so much worse. there is no comparison. >> seriously? >> what nixon did creating the epa was much worse. >> i want to ask mike a question about ryan fogel, the guy kicked out of russia for spying. you talk about the wig. the fsb says he was in possession of two floppy wigs and three pairs of glasses and a map of moscow when he was detained. is this austin powers? >> you know what, sometimes -- who knows. i don't want to speculate about what the story was or who he is with and what was going on. all i am saying is you have to dumb things down. in the world of spies, sometimes they are the best things. >> have i to go. >> all right, andy, coming up i am all buzzed, and it is all because, this is how we do it. south central, does it like, nobody does, this is how we do it. that's what steve dosey sent me. so urban. and we are doing an interview with pen -- pep gillette. it beats the other option. not doing an interview with penn gillette. >>> will d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)